If this is your first visit to our site, welcome and let us introduce ourselves! For more than 30 years Alacron's and FastVision’s co-founder and CEO, Joseph Sgro, has been a contributor to the machine vision industry. First by launching and growing and leading frame grabber manufacturer, Alacron, Inc. and then, in 2002, FastVision, an early developer and manufacturer of smart, high speed, megapixel CMOS cameras. The imaging and machine vision community is continually seeking improved high-performance frame grabbers, accelerated vision systems, cameras, and sensors to meet their demanding real-world applications. They require processing power as well as a balanced architecture of flexible I/O and computational and memory bandwidth. Also Alacron provides high performance multi-megapixel CMOS FastVision cameras and Alacron, Inc. understands these requirements and has developed leading edge products that enable customers to work more efficiently and cost effectively. New products include: BSI (Backside Imaging), Delta (Superlattice)-Doping and atomic layer deposition (ALD) services for sensor manufacturers, the FastX-APU and FastCX3 frame grabbers, and the 17 megapixel FC1700 high performance CMOS camera.


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